Turning a new leaf ...


It was the August of 2002 when I last updated this space … And it is the August of 2005 today. For 3 years I did not update my web page and still so many of you were so very nice to visit it and write back saying it was so good. Thanks to all of you. Thanks to my stars that I have so good friends all over the world.


So once again, to those of you who have been here earlier and to those of you who are here for the first time …


A very warm Welcome …

Namaskar, Ram Ram Mandali, Salaam Walikum





Here are some excerpts from the page I had here last … Fond memories of the good old days working with some really great people …


(None of my web pages can be complete without a reference to IETE – The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (India) and the TSSIA – Thane Small Scale Industries Association to whom I am indebted for my engineering degree – AMIETE.

It is only due to support and encouragement from TSSIA, Ashida Electronics, Bradma of India Ltd., people like Dr. Joglekar, Appasaheb Khambete, Prof. Mangalvedhekar that we saw our dream of engineering degree become a reality. I am eternally indebted to these people.)


I am a member of IETE (India). I have recently set up a group on yahoo groups called "IETE (Mumbai) Interest Group"  which I hope will act as a forum for all IETE members (students, members, senior members everyone ...) to communicate amongst themselves.

Currently the process of becoming member of this group is to set up a yahoo id. for yourself (Log on to http://my.yahoo.com/) followed by a subscribe request to the group. All these activities can be achieved through the following link to IETEMUM.

Please note that this requires you to create a signature identity on Yahoo. You could also use the same identity to do a lot of other things like email, instant messaging, shared disc space and also joining/starting various other groups. Not entirely useless).


(NCST – National Centre for Software Technology – was where I was initiated into IT and into a wonderful world beyond engineering. What I studied there led to a post graduate diploma and one and half years of work experience. But what I gained from there was and is more precious to me – The friendship of people who are dearest to me today and guidance from the best minds in the industry – then and now. Today NCST is integrated into CDAC and there is nothing I can say on that).


 (The below are my last updated lines in August 2002 – I repeat them as they were because they hold true today also … as long as people like Samir and Ravindra lead the place (and Saurinbhai ofcourse) and there are people like Rizwan, Sandhya, Emilio, Claude and others around, the place will still be the great place it always was … And in this, people like Mayur, Atif, Kaushik, Dipesh will agree with me too)


My last job was at Internet Trends (I) Pvt. Ltd. I have currently resigned from the place and will be in here till September 13 2002.
It is a great place to work in and we like to describe ourselves as "The Network Infrastructure Software Services Company". If it sounds too good ... believe me it is. We are into everything that is core networking and software products development. And if you are like me, a software engineer who wants to do some serious work (oops did I say work ... I don't 'work' ... sorry), then ITPL is the place to be in. Visit their web site and apply for the place to party! Only catch is you have to be good at C/C++/Java at systems level and should have real good knowledge of whatever you think you are good at. Seems simple? Try it!


Some interesting links from 2002 (don’t know how many of these are current … please bear with me)





2002 to 2005 – Stations along the journey …

(Being a true blooded Mumbaikar, one needs to hark back to trains and the railway … The terminus was the exit from Internet Trends when I set out with two objectives : increase educational qualification beyond the PGDST and get some experience outside the software development function).


SecureInfo –

The first stop on the way. Single owner proprietorship. But SecureInfo was more than just that. It was my first foray into ‘selling’ information security and processes oriented approaches to industry. Experimented with a lot of the known (SSL/ PKI/ software development) and the unknown  (BS7799, ITIL, COBIT). Had a limited success – enough to survive the year but not enough to scale up. SecureInfo was my company but it was the brainchild of myself and good friend Rajeev. Also it would never have happened without the full support and involvement of Mugdha, my wife. And my family who stood by me through all.


CFC, HDFC Insurance –

My stint as a insurance agent (CFC – Certified Financial Consultant) with HDFC Standard Life Insurance. It gave me a good insight into the sales function and insurance business. Also it was a good opportunity to make a large number of friends from different fields. I really sold a very few policies but the time spent was a huge value gain.  Special thanks to Avijit Sen my BDM from HDFC Standard Life and other friends for this stint. Before I move on, I would advice everyone to have 2 mandatory things – a term insurance policy which protects interests of your dependents and a pension plan which protects your interests, just in case you live longer than you expect. Don’t forget to drop a line to Avijit if you are thinking insurance.



Working at SecureInfo gave a new perspective to issues of IT administration, service and security. For the first time I was looking at security beyond technical controls and software. Rajeev, who has often been my mentor and guide in all these years, had already certified as a CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) in 2002. The study gained some momentum in 2003 and in June 2003, I passed through the CISA exams. It took another year and half to actually certify as a CISA (based on a 5 year experience requirement and all). Two interesting yahoogroups that visitors may want to see are CisaForum and IndianCisa.


ISACA Mumbai –

The local chapter of ISACA in Mumbai. Consists of wonderful people who are able and willing to guide youngsters like me in the new world of Information Systems auditing and consulting. People who don’t just know the book but those who have “written the book”. It is indeed my good fortune to be here today in a position to learn from and be guided by these professionals.

(I think in all my educational and professional life so far, it has always been the goodwill of senior people which has guided and seen me through. I think I must have some lucky star someplace which always places me under the care of people who are capable (to guide, motivate, teach and lead – the Gurus) and yet approachable for youngsters like me.)


SafesScrypt –

A SIFY company and Verisign partners in India. They were the first to really drive the PKI market in India. But more than the technical expertise and work, what I really remember about the place is the great people. People like Dinesh and Shivangi who lead from the front and can motivate anyone to contribute their best. And associates like Vinodh, Ramkumar, Roshan, Rakesh, Sameer and Karim make the environment fun to work in. Its really a great place to be at.


SIFY Assure –

2004 was when I was transferred from SafeScrypt to SIFY Ltd to work with the SIFY Assure. High points of this period were my work and stay in Saudi Arabia ( a really wonderful place to be in and make friends from across the world) and all the people I worked with and stayed with. People from the erstwhile EAP Global, from Saudi Telecom, from Paramount Computers and consulting companies from across the world.  I was here at this station till July 2005.


BS7799 Lead Auditor –

Finally in May 2005, I enrolled in a course with BSI India (through an association with ISACA Mumbai) to certify as a BS7799 Lead Auditor. I was already aware of and working with BS7799 but this certification gives a formality to it. Besides the single biggest attraction was completing some CPE hours as required for CISA certification. Again as with all the railway stations, people formed a huge value addition to the entire exercise. I was just too fortunate to be able to meet and study under the legendary Mr. Sudarshan (one of the earliest CISAs in India, contributor to many standards on auditing and security and the top-most authority on BS7799 in India, if not the world). Also thanks to Mr. Mahesh from BSI India for the course teaching and all members who attended the training program.


2005 and beyond –

Now moving into the Gulf again. Hopefully a terminus where I will be located for next 4 5 years atleast …  For those interested, my latest CV is here …